DOLE-Approved Hard Hat List

Hard hats are a type of helmet that is widely used in the workplace, i.e. industrial and construction sites, to protect the person from any head injury due to falling hazards, impact from other objects like debris, light rain, and electric shock. There are different types of hard hats worldwide, but one thing should be common amongst the vast types of protective helmets: a hard hat should meet safety standards. Different roles in the workplace require different safety helmets, which means that different standards should be met. 

Safety helmets are essential pieces of personal protective equipment, they protect life, and a user must use a hard hat/safety helmet that has met safety standards. The main responsibility for assessing the risk of a worker lies with their employer, the employer must determine which type of personal protective equipment should be used by the employee. Risk assessment should be done by a competent person who has enough knowledge about occupational health and safety associated risks and hazards, and has boundless ways known to correct those.

The government has mandated PPE suppliers to have the safety equipment tested, and OSHC has been testing the different hard hats available in the country. The list below is the hard hats that have undergone DOLE OSCH testing.


If you want to know the full details and specifications of the hard hats, click the photos.