Passion and Heart in all we DO!



Four + Four Safety Fundamentals of P.I.T.

  • Actions + Mindsets
  • Leadership + Administration
  • Process + Technology
  • Efficiency + Proficiency







What We Do…

We do it in conjunction with our clients to tailor solutions that prevent incidents, safeguard people, and boost operations by implementing an operational framework that integrates processes, governance, mindsets, behaviors, and capabilities to accomplish sustainable results.

As our founder has always been practicing during her tenure as Safety Officer III, she continuously extends her utmost effort to improve the mindset and behaviors of the employees as she believes that when a person is self-disciplined, everything else will fall into place.


Our Approach…

Other specialists often yield short-term results because they concentrate only on the technical elements of operational improvements. But with PIT, we practice a holistic, integrated approach to make sure that transition isn’t just sustainable, but also advances upon itself for years to come.

What we focus on is not just on the processes and technical barriers that protect companies and their assets. We emphasize the abilities and skills building through education, training, and coaching – from field personnel to senior business leaders – to create a living and robust organizational culture that achieves a fundamental, sustainable transformation for our clients. We believe that by using our client’s internal resources and talent, they will outperform benchmarks, increase productivity, mitigate the incident occurrence, and optimize capital gains.

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