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2 fall arrester anchorage point harness (back – front). 3 adjustable buckles and 2 adjustable lateral plates. Positioning belt with broad thermoformed back. Sponge lining. 2 anchorage points for work positioning.
Straps: Polyester.
Belt: Sponge lining.
Composition of the main support: Steel – Polyester 
Manual loop
Anti-fall point: 2 – Dorsal – Sternal 
Holding point: 2 – Belt 
2 adjustable lateral plates
Weight: 1.1 kg 
Adjustment: 2 adjustable lateral plates

Fastening: Buckles

Total number of attachment points for the fall arrester: 2

Anti-fall point: Dorsal – Sternal

Holding point: Belt

Buckles: Manual loop

Number of manual buckles: 3

Number of total holding attachment points: 2

Comfort elements: Thermoformed back

Lifespan from manufacturing (years): 10

Colors: Orange



Product Use
  • Agriculture
  • Building
  • Finishing works / Craftsmanship
  • Maintenance
  • Power Energy
  • Forestry


Fall Arrest Situations
  • Vertical movement on a permanent structure
  • Work positioning
  • Movement on lifeline
  • Restraint
  • Long vertical movement or movement on an inclined surface
  • Short vertical movement or movement on an inclined surface (less than 3 m)
  • Vertical movement, confined space
  • Long horizontal movement on a horizontal surface
  • Long horizontal movement on a vertical structure
  • Short horizontal movement (less than 3 m)
  • Long movement with multi-connection/disconnection


Certifications and Standards

EN358: 2018 Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height – Belts and lanyards for work positioning or restraint.  

140 kg Additional special requirements

EN361: 2002 Personal protection equipment against falls from a height – Full body harnesses  

140 kg Additional special requirements


FALL ARRESTER HARNESS WITH BELT – 4 ANCHORAGE POINTS – Harness with two-colored straps for intuitive fitting with positioning belt, for occasional wearers.

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