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ABS dual shell safety helmet with PC retractable visor. Sport and dynamic design. 3 textile straps with 6 fixing points. The harness consists of a foam disc and a pad at the back to ensure better comfort when wearing the helmet. Foam sweat band. Adjustable: head size 53 to 64 cm with One-D Rotor clamping system. 2 possible positions of the headband (top/low) for better comfort. Retro-reflective stickers. Electrical insulation up to 1,000 V.A.C. or 1,500 V.D.C., protection against arc fault Class 1 (GS-ET 29). Visor with anti-Fog N and anti-scratch K treatments and protection against electrical arcs, molten metals, and hot liquids projections.
ABS Dual-Shell.
Visor: Polycarbonate.
Harness: Textile lining: polyester. Sweat band+disc+pad: polyurethane foam. Anchorage: POM + HDPE + ABS. Headband: Polypropylene.

Specific helmet: Arc flash helmet

Main color: White

Shell material: ABS

Harness headband material: Polyethylene

Helmet peak: None

Headdress points: 6 points

Jugular points: 4 points

Harness adjustment: Wheel ratchet

Ventilation: Nonvented

Textile harness: PA (Polyamide)

Neckband material: Polyester

Size: 53-64 cm

Weight (g): 775

Jugular chin: No chin

Integrated option: Jugular

Accessories type: Badge holder – Shield – Jugular – Neck protector – Logo – Wheel-ratchet harness adjustment

Low temperature resistance: -20°C

High temperature resistance: +50°C

Lifespan from manufacturing (years): 84 months

Lifespan from first use: 48 months




Product Use
  • Public works
  • Building
  • Finishing works / Craftsmanship
  • Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas (extraction)
  • Power Energy


Protects From The Following Risks
  • Heat
  • Shock
  • UV / IR
  • Electrical
Product Highlights & User Benefits

Balanced center of gravity

For prolonged use
Reduction of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

Comfortable distance between the visor and the user’s face

Good ventilation prevents fogging
Compatible with glasses

Easy locking of the visor in two positions

Optimum safety: The visor does not rise or fall unexpectedly

The optimized visor grip area

Guaranteed use and maneuverability with or without gloves

Lateral reflectivity

For more visible workers

One-D Rotor ergonomic clamping system

One-handed adjustment with or without gloves

ABS double shell

Improved robustness, resistance to lateral deformation: increased protection

Replaceable visor

Easy replacement of damaged visors

Clips to hold a headlamp

Designed to attach a headlamp with an elastic headband

Polyamide cap : 3 textile headbands with 6 attachment points and adjustable headband in a high or low position

Better weight distribution in the case of shock and guaranteed user comfort

Microfibre storage bag

Easy storage for a longer product life

Integrated visor

The compact and combined solution

A modern design inspired by the world of sport offering dual protection for harsh work environments and electric hazards at a price accessible to all users.

Easy to use

Ratchet for an easy to set-up and remove

Rotor® system (patented) is a simple and quick adjustment with or without gloves


Compatible with safety glasses


Fluorescent shell color

Retro-reflective tapes for a better seen at your workstation


Balanced gravity center to prevent any musculoskeletal disorders for prolonged use and a reduction of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

ABS for lighter weight and greater comfort

Features 3 textile straps with 6 fixing points for a better spread of weight


Replaceable headband for better hygiene

Replaceable suspension for better hygiene

Removable brow pad washable and replaceable for a perfect hygiene solution


Ergonomic and stable headband for a very good performance in use

Adjustable headband, low or top, for a safer fit and holding the cap in place when moving head


Certifications and Standards

EN397:2012 + A1:2012 Protective helmets for industry  

MM Molten metal spray
LD Lateral deformation
-20°C +50°C Use: Very low temperature – -20°C / +50°C
440VAC Electric insulation
EN 50365

EN50365:2002 Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations  

CLASS 0 Electrically insulating helmets – Class 0

GS-ET 29:2011-05 Additional requirements electric arc protection.  

8-1-0 Oculars
CLASS 1 Class
CLASS 0 Light transmittance class = Class 1 : (50% ≤ VLT(D65) < 75%) / Class 0 : (VLT(D65) ≥ 75%).
8-1 Frame




DUAL-SHELL SAFETY HELMET WITH RETRACTABLE VISOR – Double-shell safety helmet, equipped with a visor, for protection against electric arcs and molten metal splashes.

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