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Box of 50 pairs of reusable TPR earplugs with fabric cord. Can be used with or without a cord.
Earplug material: TPR (Thermoplastic)
Earplug support material: Nylon
Kind of product: Reusable
SNR (dB): 34
Benefits element: One-handed application
Noise reduction dB (HML): H – M – L
H: 33 M: 32 L: 31
NRR (dB): 26
Product Use
  • Manufacturing/Transformation
  • Accommodation & Food services
  • Automotive
  • Public services
  • Transportation
  • Storage


Protects From The Following Risks
  • Noise


Product Highlights & User Benefits

Profiled design with 3 fins: more material in contact with the ear canal

Optimized sealing and noise attenuation

Silicone free product

Ideal for the automotive industry

Easy grip allowing a directed insertion according to the angle of the auditory canal


TPE – Resistant to ear wax and body oils

Increased longevity

Braided nylon cord

Keep the plugs on hand

Color according to the Delta Plus SNR scale

For an easier selection of the most suitable protection!

Universal size

Suitable for all auditory canals regardless of their shape

x 50






The built-in, firm handle allows the user to direct the angle of insertion for better hygiene

Easy to use

Built-in, firm handle allows user to direct angle of insertion adapting to each ear canal, for a better fit


Ultra-soft polymer design puts more material in contact with the ear canal; delivering a superior attenuation


The contoured 3-flange polymer design puts more material in contact with the ear canal delivering an all-day comfort


Certifications and Standards

EN352-2:2002 Hearing protection: Earplug  

SNR 34 dB Average noise attenuation
H 33 High-frequency attenuation
M 32 Medium frequency attenuation
L 31 Low-frequency attenuation
Ø 8-12 mm Sizes / Dimensions



ANSI Z87.1 - Impact

ANSI S3.19-1974 American National Standards Institute   

NRR 26 dB NRR – (Noise Reduction Rating – Noise Reduction Rating)




BAG OF 50 PAIRS OF REUSABLE THERMOPLASTIC EARPLUGS WITH CORD – Reusable earplugs with easy grip, box of 50.

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