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Fall arrester sliding on anchorage line stranded rope Ø 10.5 mm (rope sold separately). Opening-type fall arrester equipped with automatic locking and energy absorber. 1 carabiner.
Composition of the main support: Aluminum 
End spliced ​​with thimble loop
Included energy absorber
Type of opening: Opening
Included elements: Included energy absorber
Weight: 0.548 kg
Type of equipment: Braided rope

Fastening: Automatic

Maximum rope diameter (mm): 10,5

Maximum rope diameter (inch): 0.4127

Ending: End spliced ​​with thimble loop

Included elements: Included energy absorber

Lifespan from manufacturing (years): 20


Product Use
  • Agriculture
  • Building
  • Maintenance
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil & Gas (extraction)
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Energy
  • Forestry
  • Storage
Fall Arrest Situations
  • Movement on lifeline
  • Long vertical movement or movement on an inclined surface
  • Long horizontal movement on a horizontal surface
  • Long horizontal movement on a vertical structure


Product Benefits and Highlights


Easy to use

Ergonomic design facilitates user movements

Sliding opening for easy positioning on the rope support

NFC system guarantees traceability


Harnesses and textiles can be washed with neutral soap


Certifications and Standards

EN353-2: 2002 Personal protection equipment against falls from a height – Part 2: Guided type fall arresters on a flexible anchor line.  




ASDRISS2 SLIDING GUIDED FALL ARRESTER ON Ø 10.5 MM, 1 KARABINER – Lightweight, compact sliding fall arrester on braided rope, with excellent fluidity of movement for easy worker tracking

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