Delta Plus


For more than 40 years, Delta Plus has developed, standardised, manufactured, had manufactured and distributed a total range of Personal Protective Equipment. Its full PPE range protects workers from head to toe in the workplace and meets the needs of each user.

Thanks to its expertise in the PPE market, Delta Plus is now a major worldwide player, chosen for its multi-specialized global offer and its variety of innovative and affordable products.

In order to offer the best range for its customers in terms of quality and cost, Delta Plus ensures quality and manufacturing control of its products whether in their own factories or their partners’.

Today, the DELTA PLUS group covers more than 90 countries with 27 distribution subsidiaries and its grand Export department, which remain it close to its customers throughout the world. 


Blue Eagle


Polison Corporation (Blue Eagle Safety) was founded in 1978 and is currently a leader in the field of personal protective equipment. Th company’s headquarter is now located at Taiwan and its products have been certified to European, American,and Canadian standard and sold to over 100 countries around the world. The trademark of Blue Eagle has been registered in over 70 countries, making it one of the most renowned brands of PPE, offering great reputation and earning the confidence of users across the globe, and help establish work safety, improve efficiency, and ensure quality to numerous first-line works.

 All Blue Eagle products are designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and undergo quality verification. Blue Eagle leverage its superior integrated production capabilities to convert raw materials to the final products. 

To provide users with better and more robust protection, Blue Eagle has continued to introduce the latest manufacturing equipment and build testing labs with comprehensive testing capabilities. Blue Eagle pursue continuous improvements and provide its users with enhanced products. 




Brand Interpretation
Foscam is an abbreviation for“Focus Camera”.“Focus” is the soul and core value of this company. “Camera” is the product this company focuses on. The mission of Foscam is to perfect the camera products. Its brand philosophy is simple and straightforward: to be dedicated and efficient.

Brand Story 
☆The Initial Dream 
Foscam is founded in 2007 by a five-member team with enthusiasm to embrace a bright future. The company has been developing rapidly from a startup into the leading civil IP camera manufacturer in China.

☆Storm in the early days Foscam has successfully survived the 2008 economic crisis and launched its first self-developed product fi8908w. 

☆Focus Makes Perfect Foscam believes that continuous focus on network camera will make our product perfect. 

☆Brand Creating Currently our brand product has been sold to more than 60 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Britain and Singapore. Foscam is among the top three civil IP camera producers in China. 

☆Eternal Passion However the world is changing, Foscam will adhere to its own philosophy to make progress step by step. It’ll be our honor if you could witness our improvements.

In order to offer the best range for its customers in terms of quality and cost, Delta Plus ensures quality and manufacturing control of its products whether in their own factories or their partners’.

Our Products 
We work hard continuously to attain certifications for our products worldwide. On the basis of our rigid quality policy, we manage to meet with numerous standards and certification schemes globally. Almost all of our products are certified and marked with CE.




Kohl Industries Corporation is a leading manufacturing company of high-grade disinfectants, personal care, household products and medical device solutions in the Philippines. It was incorporated by June 2002 by Aton C. Atilano after having acquired the rights to the Doctor J brand, a top quality alcohol which has been in the market since 1994.



Kohl Industries, with its Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice, develops products specially for professional use. Formulated together with an expert team of chemists and pharmacists, our products adhere to the strictest standards set by top hospitals, where only high-level cleansing is accepted