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Product Name: Welding Helmet

Standards: ANSI Z87.1

Color: Black

Material: PP, Aluminum

Lens Holder: Flip-Up

Lens Size: 4.25″ x 2″ (108mm x 51mm)

Impact Resistance

Includes front and side impact resistance.

Resistance to Ignition and Hot Penetration

According to the testing method of the European standard, heat one end of a steel rod, 300 mm long and 6 mm nominal diameter to 650 ℃. Press the heated face of the rod against the surface of the sample for 5 seconds. The welding helmet must not ignite, continue to glow nor be pierced.

Electrical Insulation

The welding helmets provide excellent electrical insulation.

Light Reflectance

All inside surfaces of the welding helmet have a matt finish.

Light Attenuation

The welding helmet shell can block harmful light during the welding process, and no unattenuated light is visible in any position of the welding helmet.

Quick and Easy Lens Replacement

Due to the patented design, filter lenses and cover lenses can be installed and removed easily and quickly.

Made in Taiwan
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Additional information

Product Name

Welding Helmet


ANSI Z87.1




Aluminum, PP

PPE Type

Mounted on a Safety Helmet

Lens Holder


Lens Size

4.25" x 2" (108mm x 51mm)


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